Did you have a scooter as a child? Perhaps you have memories of making one leg pound the ground so hard it almost ached. So you could zoom along the street as fast as possible with the summer breeze in your face. Of course, if you had a three wheeled variety your memories may be considerably more rattly. Either way, scooters were a childhood staple of noughties children. Electric scooters are a new kid in town. Aimed not only for children but mainly targeted at adult everyday commuters.

In recent years the humble scooter has made something of a comeback. Today, scooters are reinvented as a commuter must have not only in cosmopolitan cities across the world. Some countries, such as the UK, are yet to make them road legal. With scooters being popular legal transportation in over 100 cities across the globe. From San Francisco and Paris, it won’t be long before more countries jump on board.

Electric scooters are very adaptable. Fold them up in a few seconds and easily carry onto many other forms of public transport such as buses and trains. More practical to move around than a large bicycle, e-scooters can make for a great way to get you from the train station to your door, or from the bus stop to your office when walking just isn’t ideal. Being foldable, electric scooters take up very little space in the corner of any room. Easy to keep them safely out of harm’s way and away from prying eyes of vandals.

It’s surprising how fast and easily you can travel on scooters. It’s a perfect solution for clogged up and grid-locked roads in cities across the world not only in the peak hours. With an electric scooter you will be able to weave your way through the congested madness. Straight to your destination, without the beads of perspiration gathering on your forehead from peddling your bike at lightning speed to make that morning meeting.

They are a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint. Riding an electric scooter uses approximately 2% of the emissions a car would use for the same trip. They are even better than taking buses and trains when it comes to emissions. Purchasing an electric scooter doesn’t need to be a costly investment. One with a high quality battery and a decent warranty cover will help you feel more at ease when you first start to use it. Forget about spending hundreds, if not thousands, on your annual commuting bill. An electric scooter will be a one time payment and will give you cost effective transportation for years to come.

In the early 2000’s, scooters were still leg-powered for the most part, and they had rather childish connotations. Fast forward to 2020 and thousands of adults use chic electric versions of the same toy to make their daily lives easier and electric scooters are undoubtedly set to only gain popularity in the coming years. The perfect way to get around town in a socially distanced, eco-friendly manner, what are you waiting for? Indulge your childhood nostalgia and invest in an electric scooter today.