What if you could make your own electricity? Pretty convenient and cost-effective in the long-run with the InstaBreeze wind turbine generator.

A wind turbine generator works by converting the wind energy into electrical energy. The motion generated by the blades of the turbine through wind produces electromagnetic induction, which is the scientific explanation of electricity production.

Wind is one of the top renewable sources of energy, it offers a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum or other fossil fuels.

Electricity is the need of every home and industry. In some places the supplied electricity is not very cheap and the rates are not under your control.

You could easily set this IstaBreeze wind turbine. All you need is a windy place. This way, you won’t have to face power outages and expensive electricity bills.

2000w 48v Wind Turbine Wind Generator IstaBreeze (48V with Version 5 Blade, Black)
  • Maximum power: 2000w, 48V
  • Noise Level: 40dB
  • 5 Blades
  • Body Metal: Aluminum
  • Dimensions of the Package: 45.28 x 16.54 x 12.2 inches
  • Weight: Around 25 kg

Features of the InstaBreeze Wind Turbine

Body Material

The body of this wind turbine is made of aluminum metal. Aluminum is the material of choice for most industries because of its excellent properties and relatively lighter weight than most metals.

It is lightweight and has a comparable strength to steel, which makes it an ideal choice for wind turbines. This makes it durable and easy to set up.

Low 40dB Noise Level

One of the concerns when installing a gasoline-powered generator is its loud noise. However, the wind generators are comparatively much more silent.

This small wind turbine produces as little as 40dB of sound, which makes it an ideal option for residential rural, and suburban areas.

Stable and Durable Rotor Blades

Rotor blades are the only parts in a working wind turbine that move constantly to let the motor produce electricity. These blades need to be durable.

The motor blades of this wind turbine are made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic, which makes them pretty durable and stable. Plus, the material is very light, making it great for electricity generation. It’s an ideal compromise between weight and durability.

Cooling Fins

High temperatures can prove to be damaging to most electronics. Cooling fins are installed to regulate the heat and prevent potential damage to the material.

The housing of the IstaBreeze wind turbine has cooling fins, which make sure the temperature doesn’t go beyond the material limitations, keeping the structure safe and sound.

Good Current Flow with the Sliding Contact

The sliding contacts ensure a good flow of current and guarantee that there would be no twisting of the cables in the mast.

Final Thoughts

Whether you live in suburbs and want to get free of electricity bills, or you are a rural resident and want a permanent solution for your electricity needs, this 48V 2000W wind turbine is for you.

The world is shifting towards renewable and inexhaustible energy sources; these are more environmentally friendly and to be honest, finite resources like fossil fuels won’t cover us for very long now.

This wind turbine allows you to build your own renewable energy source and to harness the inexhaustible wind energy.

This wind turbine is cost-effective in the long-run. The build is sturdy and durable, installation is easy, and works pretty silently. The only requirement is an area with good-enough wind speeds.


  • Maximum power: 2000w
  • Noise Level: 40dB5
  • 5 Blades
  • Body Metal: Aluminum48V
  • Dimensions of the Package: 45.28 x 16.54 x 12.2 inches
  • Weight: Around 25 kg