The Kingsons Beam Backpack is The Most Advanced Solar Power Backpack on the market today. It uses Copper Indium Gallium Selenide, or CIGS for short. The CIGS solar cells stick directly to the backpack featuring a flexible, thin, and lightweight design that make it the ideal choice for solar powered products such as this.

Solar backpack specifications:

  • Flexible solar cells (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide)
  • Very high conversion efficiency of 19.2%
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective Logo
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Anti-theft Buckle
  • Light weight 2.78 pounds
  • Dimensions 12.6 x 5.91 x 18.11 inches

The solar cells installed on the Kingsons Beam Solar Backpack convert sunlight into electrical power and store it as a result you can charge all of your everyday devices using its built in USB ports. The conversion efficiency rate of these solar cells is 19%, breaking the world record in sputtering technology for all CIGS products. More over, this backpack has a voltage regulator that prevents you from overcharging or damaging your electronics when they’re charging.

Backpack Design

The Kingsons Beam Backpack has an ergonomic, lightweight design that makes it easy to carry for long periods of time. It also has ultra-thick, multi-panel padding that offers both back support and cushioning to prevent chaffing and soreness. Plus, this material offers premium ventilation that reduces body heat and wicks away moisture.

This backpack features adjustable shoulder straps. It allows you to find the most comfortable position according to your height and shoulder type. For added comfort, each shoulder strap is designed to evenly distribute the weight of its contents across your lower back. Most importantly, reducing back pain and stress on your shoulders commonly seen with traditional backpacks.

Additional Features

Aside from this solar charging backpack offering the best CIGS technology available, it also offers several other noteworthy features. Some of the additional features you’ll find with this backpack include:

Solar charging backpack Anti-Theft Mechanism

Kingsons Beam understands that your personal items and electronics are important. Which is why they’ve designed this backpack with an anti-theft buckle. This buckle allows you to attach your backpack to any surface. It protects it from the prying hands of theives that may pass by.

Kingsons Beam backpack are extra reflective

On this backpack you’ll find a reflective logo that makes you visible to others around you. This reflective logo helps keep you safe in dark or light environments by increasing your visibility. This logo uses LED illumination. Allowing it to illuminate anytime of the day or night and even when you’re charging your devices.

Water Resistant

The entire backpack uses a water-resistant material that keeps all of your electronics and personal possessions safe from the damaging affects of moisture. For extra protection, it features a water-proof, YKK metal zipper. That creatures a moisture free barrier between your items and any water it comes in contact with.

Solar backpack storage Capacity

Unlike traditional backpacks, Kingsons Beam designed this pack with all your storage needs in mind. This backpack features one large storage compartment capable of housing a 15-inch laptop and a second compartment for storing a 10-inch tablet. It features two side pockets for storing your umbrella, water bottle, or other small items.

USB Ports

A solar charging backpack wouldn’t be complete without its own USB ports to charge all of your electronics. This particular backpack features one USB charging port and one Micro USB charging port. These charging ports allow you to charge a variety of different types of devices. It can be done while your out and following your daily activities.

When it comes to a solar powered backpack, you cannot go wrong with The Most Advanced Solar Power Backpack by Kingsons Beam. This backpack features an ergonomic design, the ultimate in device protection, and a comfortable fit that you cannot compare to other solar enhanced backpacks. If you need a cheaper solution or just want a small portable phone charger make sure to check out our review on 5 Best Portable Solar Chargers.

Kingsons Beam Backpack – The Most Advanced Solar Power Backpack – Waterproof, Anti-Theft Laptop Bag