Eton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Speaker is a rugged rechargeable Bluetooth speaker. The solar-powered wireless operating speaker will assure you the best music listening experience. No worry about batteries or electricity connection because it comes complete with a solar charging system that makes things easy. When there is no sunshine, you can recharge it to enjoy an uninterrupted music play experience. The ability to produce crystal clear sound make many people prefer it. Its USB ports can serve as chargers for your smartphones and other devices.

Eton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Sound System & Smartphone Charger
Speaker TypeOutdoor
Mounting TypePortable
Item Weight0.53 Kilograms
Battery Average Life8 Hours

Solar powered speaker Key features

Dual powered sound system

The sound system can be powered by solar power when there is sunlight, or you can charge it. It is a highly reliable unit that serves people under different circumstances. There is no worry of low charge, making you unable to enjoy the music playing experience. The unit is designed to make things easy in the everyday music play experience. It is built to produce crystal clear sound quality. Music listeners can enjoy a great experience with the sound system.

Long-lasting power

The sound system can keep a charge for a long. It is a solar powered speaker that can charge in less than 5 hours when exposed to the sun. Play up to 8 hours of continuous music before you can recharge again. The inbuilt lithium battery in the sound system makes it very reliable in keeping a charge. The Bluetooth solar speaker is built using the latest technology. In other words it assures you a great experience when charging and playing music on the go.

USB ports for charging devices

You may like to power other devices while using the speaker. As a result you can stay connected and listen to music. The sound system can also work as a power bank. Where you will charge smartphones and other devices via USB port. You can count on the unit to enjoy the outdoor experience for a long. Listening to music at your picnic site can be a great idea. The sound system makes it possible to enjoy listening to music from your smartphone or other devices comfortably. It is built to assure you of the best music playing experience.

Aces to the latest music, news, and information

The sound system comes with Bluetooth solar speakers and an inbuilt radio system to allow easy access to the latest news. You can tune to a different radio station and stay entertained. There are times when people go camping in remote places, and like to stay informed. The inbuilt radio system makes it easy to get the latest updates about weather and other recent news that may affect people’s lives. The sound system comes in a sleek design and it is very reliable in keeping you informed. Apart from listening to music from radio stations, it allows easy connection to other streaming devices such as smartphones for unlimited access to music on the go.

Built for the ultimate outdoor experience

The solar powered speaker is built to guarantee you the best outdoor experience. It is built out of the latest technology to make it assure users of the highest energy efficiency. The custom design makes it an attractive device you can carry around. You can buy it as a gift for loved ones or get it as an outdoor accessory to make your picnic stand out. The unit is built to assure users the best experience. It will be great fun carrying the custom-designed sound system around. The speaker may appear small. However it produces great sound. It is easy to select different options. Users can utilize it to listen to radio stations or play music from their devices.

Crystal clear sound

Many people choose this sound system thanks to the high-quality sound. The digital sound technology employed makes the speakers very clear. You will get all details as you listen to music. The unit is built to meet the highest standards. People from different parts of the world prefer it due to its high-quality performance. The Bluetooth solar speaker is built to deliver the best experience.

Solar power outdoor bluetooth speaker

Eton Rugged Rukus Rechargeable & Solar Powered Speaker

In our opinion this speaker combines durability, portability, high quality of sound all in a really great price. This is certainly a high end product perfect for outdoor adventures.