Imagine land surfing at 12 miles per hour on your own non-push one wheel skateboard? And imagine even further that at night, you have led lights on the side and a bright lamp at the front and rear to keep you styling any time of day.

Welcome to the Surf wheel electric skateboard. This remarkable one wheel hoverboard is perfect for short commutes or simply a night at a local skateboard park. It’s almost like surfing.

Designed with unique algorithms to simulate surfing on land, the board is a one wheel skateboard with a wide, drifting tire technology that simulates the surfing feel. And the tire of your surf wheel will never go flat. It’s airless and wide, giving you a solid feel over almost any terrain.

Surfwheel SU/HX One +4 Wheels Electric Skateboard (One Wheel Hoverboard) – with Patented Safety Wheels
Item Weight8.5 Kilograms
Wheel size5 Inches
load capacity220 Pounds

How to ride an electric surfwheel

We won’t snow you, there is a definite learning curve in learning to ride the board.

That’s why there are two modes controlled a cell phone app. One is the learning mode, and as a newbie, you want to start out slow and in the learning mode.

Mind you, the board is very stable, so standing up is a snap. However, learning to drift and turn does take a bit to get the hang of it.

One nice feature is that this one wheel surfboard does come with four safety wheels two on the front and two on the back. Dip down two low in the front or the back and the safety wheels are at the rescue.

Once you learn to ride, switch the app to regular mode and you are “surfing.”

Illuminated electric surfwheel

Depending upon the model you purchase, you get three LED lights on each side which illuminates the the one wheel hoverboard to lights rivaling a Tron cycle.

There is also a bright light on the back to warn approaching vehicles as well as a light in front to see oncoming obstacles. Be sure and wear a helmet at all times though, and if you are riding at night wear a neon safety vest to be safe.

How long is the electric charge on a the electric surfboard

Though conditions may vary, typically the charge will last around one hour of land surfing. Some people, buy a spare battery and swap them out if an hour of surfing is not enough.

What about traveling?

The electric surfboard is easy enough to carry on an airplane. You simply remove the battery out and transport the surfboard in your luggage. As for the lithium battery, which snaps in and out in seconds, simply carry it in a backpack.

What does the app do?

Besides switching you from learner mode to regular mode, the app, which by the way is available for both Android and IOS phones, allows you to update the firmware on the board, check the battery charge strength, track your speed and make adjustments to the LED lights.

How much does Surfwheel cost?

Much less then you think. And definatly less then all the competitors! The Surfwheel Model SU/HX costs around $569 on Amazon which is around $400 less than its closest competitor. For the latest price check here

What do customers think?

Overall the surf wheel has great reviews. One gentleman who bought one in January of this year said the Surfwheel is a huge hit in his family, with the only problem being fighting in the household over who would grab it for a spin first.

The bottom line

Overall, we highly recommend Surfwheel. It’s loads of fun, and it is reasonably practical for a short commute and is just a ball to use for everyone else. With the Surfwheel, no longer are do the traditional surfing jibes, “Man you should have been here yesterday,” apply. Every day is a surfing day with the Surf wheel electric skateboard SU/HX One.


  • motion control
  • 12mph top speed
  • 3 led lights
  • light weight ~19lbs
  • replacable batteries
  • carry on flights
  • built in carry handle
  • safety fron/rear wheels