Diving & Snorkeling: Geneinno Underwater Scooter with Dual Propellers and 2-Speed Compatible with GoPro

The deep waters have a lot for the divers to explore. Talk of marine creatures, plants and geographical formations. However, to explore these treasures hidden in the deep waters, you need to do some diving and snorkeling. Whether you are a novice or professional diver, you need a safe device when exploring the deep waters. The ideal device for use here is an water scooter.

So, What Is a Water Scooter?

A water scooter or Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) is a handheld device that spins a propeller to pull a diver through the waters. A diver firmly holds on to the scooter’s handles and enjoys being pulled through the waters with ease. It allows a diver to explore the deep waters with less fatigue; it brings an end to those long tiring swims coupled with high air consumption.

The diving world has experienced a rise in demand for sea scooters due to their reliability, flexibility, and safety. This rise in demand has resulted in many companies venturing into their production to satisfy the market demand. Therefore, with the hundreds of sea scooters available, it would be hard to choose the best. However, here is a look at one of the highly-rated sea scooters; Geneinno Underwater Scooter Dual Propellers with 2-Speed Compatible with GoPro.

Powerful thrust – glide through the water a 4mph
Deep diving – up to 50m!
Durable – up to 45 mins on a single charge
Compact – easy to travel with
GoPro compatible
Safety lock – preventmisusage and accidents

Geneinno water Scooter with Dual Propellers and 2-Speed Compatible with GoPro

This compactly designed water scooter has become a famous brand among most sea divers due to its efficiency and versatility in use. It boasts of high speeds and reduced weight for enhanced portability. Below are some of the reasons why this sea scooter should be your to-go choice for your diving and deep-sea explorations.

Geneinno Water scooter Specs:
  • Speed: up to 2.7mph
  • Weight: 5.9pounds
  • Depth: up to 98 ft
  • Run time: approximately 45mins
  • Built-in camera mount
  • One hand mode
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smart app monitor
Water scooter portability

Geneninno S2 sea scooter boasts of a compact, lightweight design, making it highly portable. It weighs about 5.9 pounds with a battery of less than 100w. Additionally, it has a compact size almost equal to that of a 15-inch mack book and therefore, it easily fits into a backpack. This means that you can carry it anywhere, to the pool, lake, for camping or during a beach vacation. It can never be an excuse to missed diving or snorkeling sessions!

Positive Buoyancy

This sea scooter is made of a positive buoyancy material, meaning that you do not have to worry about losing it in the sea, lake or ocean. The buoyant material allows it to float on the water with ease. Additionally, this scooter floats on the surface when out of charge, allowing you to easily change the batteries. The buoyancy aspect also makes it a perfect choice for novice divers who are afraid of going deep into the waters and for children who are learning how to swim or dive.

Safety features

Security and safety are important aspects when it comes to devices used in deep waters. However, with this scooter designed for all ages, you do not have to worry about your kids’ safety. We all know how kids are curious about experimenting how such a device works. If wrongly used by unauthorized persons, it can cause accidents. To prevent such occurrences, this sea scooter is fitted with a child safety lock.

Additionally, it comes with a smart app monitor,allowing parents to control it using the parent mode. The parent mode allows you to keep danger away by control how your children cruise the waters as they learn how to dive. The smart app monitoring technology gives kids and novice divers a sense of confidence since they feel that someone is monitoring their moves.


Geneninno S2 has a high speed of upto 4.3 kmh (2.7 mph) and approximately 45 mins run time. The high speed allows you to cruise through the deep-sea waters like a pro. Besides, it has 2-speed gears (high/low variability), which you can change as per your preference. For example, you can adjust to the low gear to capture specific footage of your adventure. On the other hand, you can change to high speeds to have a dolphin-like exploration. Additionally, its powerful dual thrust further boosts its speed.

Deep Dives

This Geneninno sea scooter can go to a depth of 98ft, allowing you to explore more hidden treasures in the deep waters. The deep dives, coupled with its high speeds, gives you a smooth experience requiring less time and energy. What more would you look for in a sea scooter than a great experience without trading much of your time and energy!

Built-in Camera Mount

Footage from a deep-sea exploration create lasting impressions and you can even share them with your family and friends. This sea scooter gives you a chance to capture almost every detail of your adventure using its built-in camera mount. The fact that you can adjust speed to find an ideal spot for a perfect capture gives your diving experience a new twist.


When diving the strength of your grip matters and this sea scooter seeks to offer a firm and secure hold. It has neatly designed propellers that are smooth and easy to hold. Additionally, you can operate it ona one-hand mode as you use your other hand for other purposes, like correcting some deep-water elements. The one-hand operating mode makes it an ideal choice for use in water sports. Besides, the firm grip allows you to turn around with much ease turning you into a human-dolphin and enabling you to dive like a pro without it slipping out of your hands.


What would be more convenient than being able to monitor your battery, speed or light while deep in the waters? Well,this scuba scooter has LED indicators lights fitted at its top side, giving you a close monitor of these essential aspects during your adventure. Additionally, you can monitor and keep track of your battery, light, speed and distance every time you dive using the smart app monitor.


Geneinno S2 is compatible with a GoPro and flashlight for increased illumination.

Proper Use of Geneinno S2

Here are a few tips to guide you on the proper use of a sea scooter

Depth: Always monitor your depth to avoid going deeper than your scooter’s recommended depth.

Breathing gas: Breathing gas is vital for your safety while underwater. Therefore, ensure that you monitor the status of your breathing gas, especially if you are diving to deeper heights.

Surrounding: Be sure to monitor your surrounding before and during your expedition. Check for other divers, boats or obstacles such as seaweeds that would block your propellers or trap your scooter.

Know your limits: It is normal to feel the urge to go the extra mile to break a record if you are diving for a water sport. Since the sea scooter is doing more work, making it easier for you to go deeper, do not overdo it. Do not go deeper than you would without the sea scooter. Be keen not to overstretch your limits!

Who Can Use Geneinne S2 Sea Scooter?

With its neat design and high-efficiency levels, this scooter has versatile uses. It is ideal for use in water pools, scuba diving, shallow diving, deep ocean diving, snorkeling and aquarium. It is designed for use by all ages and has a child lock safety and a monitoring app to enhance the security of your kids. Regardless of your age or level of experience, this sea scooter is an ideal choice for you.

Why Buy a GeneinnoS2 Sea Scooter?

If you want to give your diving expeditions a new experience, you should get this sea scooter. It will turn you into a sea dolphin, giving you the pro-like expertise you have always desired. Additionally, it will allow you to dive into deeper heights using less time, energy and air. To top it up, this scuba scooter will help you capture a footage of your expedition to share with your family and friends. If you want to perfect your diving skill, this is your to-go deal. Besides, if you are looking for a fairly priced, high performing scooter, Genoinne S2 is your best choice.

Pros of the water scooter – Geneinno S2

Some of the advantages of using this sea scooter are:

  • High cruising speeds.
  • A built-in camera mount that allows you to capture special moments during your sea expeditions.
  • It is lightweight and highly portable, meaning that you can carry it along wherever you go.
  • Comes with a smart app monitor for advanced monitoring and enhanced safety.
  • You will enjoy the convenience of diving using a one-hand mode, especially if you are doing it as a sport.It has a compact, neat design.


• Its run time is relatively short.


After use, rinse off the salty seawater from your sea scooter and wipe it dry. Store it in a dry place away from extreme heat and direct sunlight. Additionally, do not leave the battery to drain out entirely. If you do not plan to use your sea scooter for the next few months, charge it occasionally to keep the battery in good working condition. If you are not sure you want to get wet and go diving, check out our under water drone reviews.

Get your GeneinnoS2 sea scooter today and give your water explorations a new twist!

Water scooter
Geneinno Water scooter Specs:
  • Speed: up to 2.7mph
  • Weight: 5.9pounds
  • Depth: up to 98 ft
  • Run time: approximately 45mins
  • Built-in camera mount
  • One hand mode
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Smart app monitor