AHELT-J Professional Marine Drone

The AHELT-J i our best buy drone with camera. This marine drone allows you to scan the ocean floor, investigate your surroundings, and cruise the surface of the water with its 330-foot diving depth and distance. You can explore the waters more accurately and cover more ground with this drone one-touch depth lock mode and superior speeds of up to 2m per second. You can dive into the darkest parts of the ocean with crystal clear visibility using the two adjustable, 1200 Lumens LED headlights.

This drone features easy navigation and control with its 5-thruster design and intelligent control algorithms that give you six different tilt-lock directions, vertical descent and ascent, and consistently fluid navigation. It has a 4K UHD camera built-in for crystal clear videos and photos that you can view on the mobile app in real-time, watch on the big screen using the HDMI port, or share online with friends or family using the live-streaming option via social media.


The AHELT-J proffesional marine drone was designed to withstand all the debris, rocks, and other materials underwater that could cause it damage. It uses high-quality materials that make it water-resistant, scratch-resistant, and capable of being knocked around without causing any damage.


  • 4K UHD Built-in camera
  • HDMI port for viewing on the television, desktop, or laptop
  • 6 directional tilt lock mode
  • Smart Thruster Technology
  • 64GB Memory2-Hour Dive time
  • Two 1200 LED Lumen headlight built-in for better visibility

Proper Uses

The AHELT-J has a wide variety of features that make it suitable for a wide range of applications. You can use this drone for personal entertainment such has yacht fishing, road adventures, photography, or just to explore the underwater world. This drone makes a suitable option for hull dock inspections, aquaculture inspections, municipal infrastructure inspections and other industrial purposes.

Whose it for?

With the advanced features of the AHELT-J underwater submarine, this drone is more suitable for those who have experience working with underwater drones. Inexperienced users may have a hard time understanding how to operate the drone and effectively use its various features. Those with experience can use this drone for personal entertainment and professional uses.

Why Buy It?

While this drone comes with a higher price tag than other underwater drones, its innovative technology make it worth every penny. It allows users to satisfy their passion of exploring the underwater world without any personal experience with diving in the water and it gives professionals a safer, more cost-effective way to complete their inspections on important structures.

Similarities to QYSEA FIFISH V6 underwater drone

When comparing the QYSEA FIFISH V6 underwater submarine to the AHELT-J, you will notice they have quite a few similarities between them. Some of the similarities found between the two include:

  • Both drones offer the same diving depth and distance depths of 100m (330-feet)
  • Both come with a 100-meter tether cord for easy retrieval of the drone
  • Each drone has a fully integrated 4K UHD camera that takes high-quality photos and videos
  • Both have a downloadable mobile app for viewing real-time images using up to three devices
  • Each one comes with their own chargers for the drone and the remote controller
AHELT-J Underwater Drone, Drones Five-Wheel Drive Miniature Underwater Submarine Drone Diving Drone with 4K Camera One-Button Lock Depth 100M, Yellow.

Product Details:
Body size: 38.522.613.8cm
Package weight: about 3KG
Depth: 100m
Camera: 4K
Thruster: 5
Aperture: F3.0
LED fill light: 2*1200 Lumens