A Close Look at the American Red Cross FRX3 hand crank phone charger.


  • Crank power
  • Solar power
  • Phone charging
  • 2600mAh internal battery
  • AM/FM/WB
  • LED flashlight

The American Red Cross is the name of a prominent organization in the United States. This hand crank phone charger is branded by Red Cross and it can be very helpful in case of a vital emergency. This is a radio, torch, phone charger and portable battery. It can be charged by a hand turbine or solar. If you want to be in the loop with regard to upcoming weather situations, or need an emergency battery bank for your phone this product can be a life saver.


The FRX3 is constructed out of of materials that are sturdy and that can stand the test of time. This is a device that’s known for first-rate craftsmanship.

Proper Uses

The American Red Cross FRX3 is associated with a number of uses that can come in handy for anyone anywhere. Do you want to find out about upcoming weather patterns? It can inform you about extreme weather conditions that are on on the horizon or any other emergency or crisis situations nearby via radio. The FRX3 can help you plan your days and nights much more easily, no matter where you are.

A very bright flashlight that doesn’t only rely on batteries! If you rotate the designated hand turbine for 60 full seconds, then you’ll be able to use anywhere between 10 and 15 minutes of LED flashlight. That is a very helpful feature in case of any emergency situation or if you’re just camping in the wilderness.

Charge your devices in no time. Just put your FRX3 under the sunlight for a while to charge it’s internal battery and any device connected to it. Never run out phone battery no matter where you are. If there is no sunlight, it’s also not a problem. You can hand crank it to charge your device for any urgent message or phone call. All you have to do to use it is plug your cellphone into the designated USB port.

The Pros of the American Red Cross FRX3 hand crank charger

This product is optimal for people who love to spend time outdoors or who just have fast-paced daily lifestyles. If you’re constantly on the go, then this device may just make a superb addition. If you regularly go on weekend camping or other outdoor activities, then getting this tool may be one of the smartest and most reasonable things you ever do.

Are you a fan of digital radio? This AM/FM/NOAA weather band can do so much. Stay connected with the rest of world regardless of where you are on the planet. It also features a helpful AUX-input. Plug in your ear phones and only you can you can hear your favorite tunes.

Why Buy One?

If you want to get a windup charger that’s top of the line then you honestly cannot make a mistake with the American Red Cross FRX3. It was produced using high quality materials. Other similar products cannot compete with this one when it comes to quality and durability.

This device is very portable and small. Don’t deal with large and bulky hand crank generators. The FRX3 is just under seven inches in height, it has a depth of less than three inches and is a little less than six inches wide as well. It doesn’t even weigh a full pound. Transporting and traveling this product is super easy.

The American Red Cross FRX3 boasts a cool and contemporary appearance. A vivid red color makes it easy to spot. Misplacing it isn’t easy. It has a design approach that’s suitable for both genders.

Are there any other things that make this product worth buying? It’s excellent value for your money. If you want to buy a device that’s simultaneously budget-friendly and convenient, this one is the right choice