It is the best off-road electric longboard/skateboard, designed for anyone who love extreme sports. A huge pro are the two powerful external brush-less motors. They work independently making all terrain skating a breeze. The off-road design makes it very reliable even on the most challenging surfaces, the off road skateboard comes with wireless remote control and intelligent design to allow for easy operation. The remote function makes it comfortable and easy to operate. Users can control acceleration and deceleration via the remote. The skateboard if fully functional with braking, forward and reverse operations controlled via the remote. Wireless remote easily pars with the skateboard. Riders can easily control the journey from the touch of a button.

High-speed mode: 40KM/H
Battery capacity: 10000mAH
Inflatable wheels
Brushless N63 external motor
Remote control distance: 8-10M
Net weight: 13.5KG

Wireless remote control

The off road electric skateboard comes with a wireless control feature making it easy to control. A really cool function allows users to control forward, reverse and the braking mechanism. Anyone who is looking for a highly dependable skateboard can use it to realize the best off-road performance.

Three-speed mode lever

The off road electric skateboard can operate at different speeds. It allows users to choose medium, low or high-speed operations. Secondly the forward and breaking speed control simplifies everything. As a result even people who are new to riding the skateboard will find it very easy and reliable. Most importantly it is a practical skateboard. It is built to give you great results. It can operate up to a maximum speed of 40 km/h making it among the fastest skateboards.

Sturdy and secure

The skateboard has been made out of eight layers of hard maple deck. Most importantly the maple deck does not splice. Therefore making it very durable. We found the skateboard to be stable and built to withstand different types of collisions. As a result even first-time users find the skateboard very reliable. In addition it meets the highest safety standards in terms of quality and used materials. Thanks to that parents can allow teens to use the skateboard without any worry of accidents.

Non-slip surfaces

The surfaces are made from nonslip materials. Remain secure when riding at high speeds or when riding down steep surfaces. In addition the nonslip surfaces ensure you will remain on the surface of the skateboard as you ride. This product is built to allow users enjoy the best performance in daily rides. Even when you forget yourself and over speed, the surfaces are designed to ensure not to skid and lose balance.

Waterproof surfaces

The surfaces guarantee a high level of safety. Being waterproof they are safe to use in almost any weather conditions. Above all the board keeps it’s non slip properties when wet. All the electronics sealed and secure from water. The off road electric longboard is designed to assure users safety. The surface of the skateboard built to resist water and other forms of damage as you ride outdoors. In other words it can be used on different terrains, making it very reliable.

Highly durable

The off road electric skateboard can withstand a wide range of conditions. Additionally it has durable wheels that can withstand different types of impact. In short the off road electric longboard comes in a durable construction to assure you high level of performance. It is easy to handle and store. For safe storage ensure you store it away from oily liquids. Even under intense use, it will still offer remarkable service and plenty of fun. Most importantly, this product has many great reviews and satisfied customers.

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Endurance: 15-25KM
Low speed mode: 20KM/H
Medium speed mode: 30KM/H
High-speed mode: 40KM/H
Climbing ability: 30°
Maximum load: 120KG
Board surface
Material: 8 layers of maple