Step out of the ordinary. Step into the future with this stunning and so much fun electric surfboard.

At nearly 100 pounds, this fiberglass electric water surfboard does what no other surfboard in the world does. Regardless of wind conditions, or even if you are just on a lake with no waves whatsoever, it powers you at up to a stunning 25 miles per hour for 30 to 60 minutes at a time.

Product specifications

  • Size: 1680mm x 580mm x 150mm
  • Board Weight:18KG+17KG(Battery)
  • Board material: Carbon fiber
  • Run Time: 30-60mins
  • Max Power:13HP
  • Max speed 50km/h
  • 2Hrs Fast Charging

Why should you get an electric surfboard?

There is never any waiting for 10 or 15 minutes for a decent wave with this Electric Water Surface Surfboard. Any time is the right time for surfing.

And imagine, with your Electric Swimming Kickboard, you can now surf 365 days per year.

Agile enough for even pre-teens to use, your Electric Water Surface Surfboard makes any day at the lake a surfing day.

And when you are using an electric surfboard at the lake, you are never crowded off the waves by some local “territorial” surfer packs. Move a few hundred feet from any boat dock and you have the “lake waves,” all to yourself.

How to ride an Electric Water Surface Surfboard?

The AHELT-J electric water board /Electric Swimming Kickboard is fairly easy to ride and learn. The electric surfboard has a handheld remote that you squeeze to activate the powerful 10 horsepower motor.

Considering that a 10 horsepower boat will go roughly 20 miles per hour, it’s not surprising that the powerful motor will propel a lake surfer up to 25 miles per hour.

The best way to learn to ride this fiberglass beast is to work up. Start first on your belly to get used to the motor activation when you squeeze the trigger.

Once you are familiar with that, then move to your knees.

For many, particularly those who are less athletic or fit, tooling around on your knees is a perfect way to go. All you might need is a set of knee pads and you are all set.

For most, however, actually standing up and surfing on the board is the ultimate thrill.

To get atop the surfboard, simply move from your knees to standing in a quick action.

It sounds challenging, and for some it is, but most people get the hang of it in one or two attempts, unlike ocean surfing which will guarantee you a lot of wipeouts.

The next thing is to learn to turn your electric water board. Turning is much easier on the right side, where you can see the water below, but to turn to the left, most people sort of squat down and sort of edge the board along by holding their hands beneath the board.

Surprisingly, this looks incredibly athletic, but it’s really not.

What’s next?

Learning to maneuver tighter and tighter curves. Don’t be surprised at this point if you fall off the board a couple of times, but that’s okay. As soon as you let loose of the power controls, the motor stops.

Ultimately, this watercraft is a fantastic addition to your marine activities, and although moderately expensive, this one is actually half expensive as many of the electric models on the marketplace.

Give this addition a big thumbs up for fun that you can use for years.

One final tip, buy a spare battery that you can swap, so you can get around two hours of riding time at once.